Join us the afternoon of Saturday, June 6 for our once in a lifetime (we hope!) Covid-inspired Pride Car Caravan!

Come for a ride with us!

Adorn your car in Pride regalia and follow along as we drive around spreading our joyful Pride throughout the area.

Cars will be convening in Bennington at WILLOW PARK LOWER PARKING LOT at 11:45
and in Rutland at Giorgetti Park at 11:30 and driving through their respective towns then converging in Manchester at 1:00 (location TBA) where we will continue to drive through Manchester all together (in town around 1:10-1:30) before disbanding and heading home.

We want to stress our desire to keep everyone safe. We won’t be leaving our cars, just driving and waving and playing good music and spreading cheer!

Bennington cars:
Meet us at 11:45 at Willow Park, in the lower parking lot.
Rutland cars: meet at 11:30 at Giorgetti Park.

Please stay IN your car! We will guide you to line-up and wait for takeoff together, so just follow along and enjoy!

Please have passengers share photos/selfies, live-streams/Facebook live, your song playlists, and your locations as we drive together on all social media so others can join in as we go!

Here’s some estimated time information for SPECTATORS:

For spectators in Bennington:
Watch for us as we drive through Four Corners at approximately 12:10-12:30, (twice), and CATTV will be at Four Corners filming it. We will be following the Pride Flags so anyone standing near a Pride flag will see us go by.

Estimated arrival times:
North Bennington:12:25-12:35
Shaftsbury: 12:35
Manchester: through town around 1:10-1:20


Contest Details

We will be watching and judging, too, and will have prizes for the
Most Decorated Car, the Most PRIDE-full Car, The Car with the best Music…. and more….SEND US YOUR PHOTOS OR POST THEM BY SATURDAY NIGHT TO ENTER THE CONTEST
Tell us other prize categories you’d like to see, too, and we will announce the winners on the QC Facebook page- you can VOTE ON YOUR FAVORITES Saturday night while watching FAB THE DUO play for us on the QueerConnect Facebook page, so

There’s even an after party!

Don’t forget to tune in to QC Facebook page that night at 6pm to catch a livestream concert by Fab the Duo from Manhattan, and share your pics!


More details about the routes we will follow will be announced here.

Message us with questions.