On October 11, 2019 Queer Connect,Inc. in partnership with the Bennington Museum will be launching the first LGBTQ+ archives in southern Vermont. In June, Bennington held its first ever Pride weekend. This is a historic milestone. It seemed both natural and necessary to follow this event by creating an even broader and more inclusive way to access information to queer history in the area and to ensure that this historic moment is documented.

What is an archive?

According to the Oxford Dictionary an archive is a collection of historical documents and records providing information about a place, an institution, or a group of people. Archives are a physical resource for gaining knowledge where people can access accurate information about a topic. They provide data and empirical information as well as primary sources such as letters, photographs, and newspaper articles.

What will be in the LGBTQ+ Archives?

The LGBTQ+ Archives will contain historical items and information about the presence and lives of LGBTQ+ people as well as the evolution of queer rights in the state of Vermont. It will hold newspaper articles, photographs, letters, and various 2-dimentional materials relevant to the rich and vital local queer history that has heretofore been largely undocumented. 

Why is the LGBTQ+ Archive important? 

Documenting the historical narrative of LGBTQ+ people in vermont is a major step towards queer visibility. It is important to have LGBTQ+ history remembered accurately so that LGBTQ+ perspective and experience is not erased or misrepresented in the documented history of Vermont. Elucidating queer history in Vermont also provides a rich resource for research by giving  voice to perspectives and life experiences that have historically been marginalized.

How can I contribute?

Queer Connect, Inc. welcomes submissions for our LGBTQ archives! We welcome articles, letters, photographs, and a variety of small 2D items/objects.  If you would like more information and/or are interested in submitting to the archives please contact us at queerconnect@yahoo.com.