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ALLY ETIQUETTE for Pride and any time….

Hello allies!

I’m Noah Hanf, an intern for Queer Connect. Here’s a little crash course on how to be helpful and respectful towards queer folks by keeping it REAL! Respect, Educate, Assume (Nothing), and Listen.

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The Life and Times of a Pansexual/Heteroflexible Vermonter

Ever since I was little, I’ve had these fairy-tale-like dreams where I’m falling in love with strangers. This love is so strong, when I wake up and my lover is gone from my mind, my heart aches. I blame these dreams on all of the movies I’ve ever watched over the years which make kids believe falling in love always happens instantly. And the relationships are always hetero. And lesbe honest, I didn’t know I was a real-life queer until attending a strictly arts college. When I was in middle school, I thought that maybe I was bisexual because I was attracted to my own reflection. 


Not quite, Marisa. 

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Honesty Deprivation in Queer Medical Care

“I’ve never been 100% honest at the doctor’s office” I say to Lisa as we sit under a tree next to Dunkin Donuts. “I usually pretend I’m straight so they don’t ask about my sex life.” She laughs at me and tells me she did the same for a long time.

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